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UnderConstruction-Revamp 2011

So I wanna take my Blog to new Levels..
I want to regroup/expand. .
I know I have a lot to say & great writing skills..
2011 will be that year.
I will began to erase the more "personal" post concerning my ex-boyfriend.
I want to close that chapeter in my life as much as possible.
Its hard because we go to school together BUT Ive got to do it.
SOOOO between now & the end of the week.. read up on whatever you'd like because a lot of it will be gone!!
Time to open up a new chapter...LacyMonroe



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My heart

The way to a woman's heart is not through her mouth so stop feeding her bullshyt...
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So I'm guessing this is why I have not been able to blog....SCHOOL..you gotta love it!
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Randimosity Thursday.

.. have you ever wonderd something random...? Or had the most random thought.. that's my life.lol & since I refuse to get and keep up with a twitter yet.. ill jus share them with u guys!

Thinking..... I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most beautiful chocolate men on the planet... We are cool but I feel the need to inform him of his greatness!.. Id like to tell him how gorgeous yes... I said gorgeous..he is...

I just like to look @ him and dream of the day ill become his African Queen.

That If I was an easy whore...Id find ways to get him back to my dorm & umm hmmm... you know the rest.
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Some Stuff you Just Dont Do #1

Some Shyt....You Just dont do
Uncle Sam called & He said he wasnts his stuff back..


Fuck this shyt.

I let you irritate the fck out of me.
I see you and my stomach drops.
All is fine & dandy until I come across you.

So I ask myself....

Am I really over it like I thought?
See the problem is.. when you are trying to seperate yourself from someone,
you're supossed to disconnect yourself, remove yourself from the situation,

Problem is....

We have been and still continue to walk on the same path of life, which makes it hard.
I want SOOO bad to be over with this shyt... like its old..DEAD & GONE..broken record.

What am I supposed to do like..uhh!



I need to find time to blog.


Not Gone.

Lacy Monroe.I have not gone ANYWHERE.... I have just been stupid busy!
JadedxSoul will be back in action soon!


Haha B!tch.

When I finished my letter to my Ex. I realized that this was never intended for him. He did not need to even see this. The letter was for me to vent & let go. I felt so much better. I feel soo much better.


. Let me not be rude because no matter what. I am a respectful young lady.


I dont really give a damn. Through writing my thoughts and feeling down, I gained a better understanding as to why I was/am soo fixated on a nigga who brought me soo much pain. I rather not say why becuase that shyt is just too personal but in a nut shell, it was a depression/ self-esteem issue that spiraled out of control.
I have identified when & why I lost myself for a while
It seems as if it took him comming in & fucking up shyt..with my self-esteem plumiting..depression out of control.. for me to come out of it
Like on some real shit. I hit damn near rock bottom.
Not just over a nigga
But in general
There's a Smile on my face now!!!
Haha Bitch.lol


This kinda pain is so unusual.

Iknow better than to run from how I Feel

It's not always about how I feel but what I deserve.



..Ugh I've been gone waayyy too long. On this college thing....VERY time consuming if I say so myself. I already had my phone stolen. Sticky fingerd motherfuckers. I gotta replacement though. I really dont know what else to say. I dont want to neglect my blog in this way anymore but I wonder if people are even reading this?? HELLO OUT THERE!!

I guess I gotta get into the mood to write again. Im in the process of writing a letter that for that old someone( read the relationships label if you dont know what the hell im talkin about). IDK if Im actually going to give it to him yet. Im not sure if Im going to put it on here either, Unless your interested.I feel like its part of this lonnng ass process of growth.

For those of you that actually read my Blog, comment and let me know that you do. Let me know what you want to see more of or something you want me to touch on.



Ughh. I have been seriously neglecting my blog! This back to college stuff is soo getting on my nerves...Hmph.


Far Away From Here

...I wanna go to a place where LOVERS go.Do the things that lovers do...Far away from here..


Hair Rambles.

I miss my hair!..such a fake ass grin. One of the lowest times of my life...But that grin I have....I am on a come UP.

I dont really like the texture of relaxed hair and I miss my color soo much it blows. Idk really why I relaxed my hair. I just knew that the hot comb and I werent getting along too well like we used to..my hair needed a heat break not a relaxer. Ugh. silly me. I wanted to know what it was like though.

Ive done my research over the past year or so and Im starting to understand my hair a bit more. As a natural, I wasnt really taking care of my hair. OMG have I grown.

On another note.. I just got hip to thee fact that the change in harmone levels due to birth control can cause hair breakage /shedding...WTF... I started the pill to help clear up my acne and it does its job but damn... thats so not right. I picked up some garlic shampoo and some garlic pills/tablets to help combat it...who knows.I hope it does the trick!

Before The Creamy Crack.Prt1 PicHeavy

I Miss My COLOR!!!

Nevermind the faces.LMAO.. This was WAAAY Back..Just to get an idea of what Iam rambling about.

I was natural for 17 years
I wore my hair with the..old fashion press & curl


Twist & cornrows & braids sometimes

I have been relaxed for a short time

For ME.. The Bennifits dont outway the cons

I miss my hair
I miss my color
Iam going Back.

Mini Beauty Haul: HairCare

100th Post! YaY!

So Ive been going through with this hair of mine.lls.For the last few months my hair has been sheeding and breaking like hell (yes I know the diference). OMG. Like WTF. not cool. So I remembered that Garlic does help with shedding so I picked up some Queen Heleen Garlic Shampoo to test it out. They had the conditioner too but Im so indecisive so I just left it there.

I also picked up some TRESemme' heat protectant spray. I heard about it before but never really looked into to getting it. I figured why not? When you use any kind of heat on your head you need to use a protectant. I use the Chi Silk infusion already. Im not sure if it doubles s a protectant but whatever...Im steppng my game up.

& last but not least.. This was a random try. I know my hair loves/ feels at best with moisture rather than protien so Iam always on a look out for somwthing better than before. I LOVE LOVE Cream of Nature Products. My hair is the softest thing ever with it. I have been using that since the womb! But I decided to try the Aussie Moist conditioner. IDK about this one yet.I'll have to let you know.

The next few Post will most likely be on hair & shopping! I am comming back into myself and I gotta do it my way....sooo (more on that in a few.lol)


Too Much For Me To Deal.

& they say God will never give yot TOO much...more than you can Bear.
I sometimes Wish he didnt believe in me soo Much.


Get out the WAY!!

.Looking in the Mirror..Realizing IAM the only one standing in MY way.

So I say to myself..

"Self...what are you doing...MOVE..Get THEE fck out of MYWAY"


Scratch List.?!.

Lacy Monroe.

I'd say about January, I made a list.
The list was comprised of some things that I wanted to accomplish by the end of 2010.

Some spiritual.

Some materialistic.

Some sexual.

Some of everything.

So far, Ive moved pretty far & quick down my list.

I made a note to:

Let only what you can control be on the list.

For you shall except the things you can not change.

Place them in God's hands.

I long ago learned that..things and money can only bring temporary happiness. I was reminded of this principle after I checked off each accomplishment. It would bring me joy only for a while..then I was back feeling like I was stuck and not going anywhere.
I like my little list and it brings me some comfort to know that I'm moving forward but I'm wondering..where does it end?


Pain is Love.

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.
So umm where the fck do people get the notion that Pain is Love. I dont see that nowhere.
If Love Hurts... It Cant Work


Deeper as IT GROWS.

This Love is Deeper than anything I could imagine.
Deeper than I bargained for.
I accept who I am to you.
I accept who you are to me.
But IF&WHEN..that man comes
Who isn't afraid & is understanding
I will not pause
For I am I lover
Not that half assed shyt.
If You cant handle..Since you arent ready
I Decree
The next one will BE



I wonder have you guys even missed me....Hmmm??

I HAVE YET to do a Giveaway because I do not know what you guys want..sooo if you want one.. I suggest you speak UP!.lls

As usual, soo much is going on in my life at the moment that Ive not been blogging. Oh well...In a few weeks, I will be back to normal..whatever the heck normal is...


& i fall..again

"When our guys act up and we still choose to deal with them, have sex with them, cater to them, and allow them access to our heart, we aren't sending the message that we love them and down for whatever... we are sending a message that we stand for nothing and will allow anything..."--Keenya

* I had to borrow this quote from one of my favorite blogs( she borrowed) it too... So I log on here for the 1st time in a week and some change and this is what I 1st see...wtf

& I keep questioning why words like these keep knocking me upside that head? Everyday or so something comes up that has to do with my relationship. It gets to the point where I'm like WTF is going on here? I'm SO fucking sick of this thing we got going on here. I feel like a broken record for Gods sake.

& I cant figure out why when it comes to him that I loose my balls. I keep myself in the situation. Seeing the other girls on a daily.Smiling in my damn face. My friends don't know how I do it. keeping it 100. Knowing what and who he's doing. Then I had the nerve to slip up and give in to my desire and give it to him.Afterwards feeling so disappointed in my self.I know damn well that the easy way out would not be to just up and walk away because that's hard as hell..BUT its been nine damn months...enough to cook a baby.


Life...Im Back??

Have you Missed Me??

Umm soo not much has changed since my last post. Actually thats a lie but.. umm. IDK.. I have been super busy. Like its crazy.Just trying to stay a float really.My mind is cloudy. I want some dick but my heart says fuck a dick..they leave you fucked up.I want to blog my ass off but I cant just yet. I will update soon. Ill be away this weekend but I will be back.


Slippery When its Wet.

Is there a such thing as a too wet Pu$$y??

Is it possible to have one?


One of those Days.

& It's Days like this that I wish we never were.Iwonder what life would be like without you.I wish you did not matter soo much.


Beauty Haul!

MAC Lipglass
Oh Baby

Beauty Factory 120Palette $19 Ebay

Santee' Paint Box Collection 20 $3.99

KleanColor Nail Laquer $1.50
Beach Blue

Wet & Wild Lipstick $1.99

PHI Ionic Tourmaline Cercamic Styling Iron
1" 100% tourmaline ceramic ultra smooth plates
Marshalls $19.99
Retail $69.99 (wtf)
Sally Hensen Lacquer Shine for lips
Jasmine 40
Revlon Matte
Tempting Teal
Revlon Matte Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner
Midnight Blue



Baby can we drink to that one.better yet we can freak to that one..pour me a drink because LACY needs release.


Valentine's Fuckery.

Look at this pure fuckery the ex boyfriend bought by my house...

Who is that Chick??

ITs Lacy Monroe B***h


Dumb B***h

There are just some dumb ass girls out there I swear.


If you get offended easily go to the right side of the screen and click the button with an "X".
I am not one to bang on young women, talking about them any ole' kind of way because I am one indeed.

That in no way shape or form stops me from calling out a few weak dumb ones when I feel the need.


Now I know you are saying

"Queen, shouldn't you be uplifting when it comes to those dumb girls?"

The answer is NO because I'm talking about those bitches that seem to have nothing better to do with their lives than to sit around and have code red meeting groups about random fuckery..

I know 99.9% of girls talk shit.. but I hate..pause that's too strong...I cant stand overly opinionated bitches that dont do shyt.
Like ummm. Where thee fuck do you get off talking about somebody or something when you don't do shit yourself?

Go get a life!


Mini Make-Up Haul.

Will stwatch whatever you like!



Where the fck have you been Queen..?

Im sorry i ve been so lanky with my post. i just have soo much going on right now.

1. trying to get my $$ situation right.
2. trying to keep up with my grades.
3. trying to maintain mental health.
4. trying to work on my relationships

These things take up my time but they are not an excuse because writing in my drug.my trip. and my fall... So just keep me in your prayers.that I may be able to find balance.