Washington DC


Deeper as IT GROWS.

This Love is Deeper than anything I could imagine.
Deeper than I bargained for.
I accept who I am to you.
I accept who you are to me.
But IF&WHEN..that man comes
Who isn't afraid & is understanding
I will not pause
For I am I lover
Not that half assed shyt.
If You cant handle..Since you arent ready
I Decree
The next one will BE



I wonder have you guys even missed me....Hmmm??

I HAVE YET to do a Giveaway because I do not know what you guys want..sooo if you want one.. I suggest you speak UP!.lls

As usual, soo much is going on in my life at the moment that Ive not been blogging. Oh well...In a few weeks, I will be back to normal..whatever the heck normal is...


& i fall..again

"When our guys act up and we still choose to deal with them, have sex with them, cater to them, and allow them access to our heart, we aren't sending the message that we love them and down for whatever... we are sending a message that we stand for nothing and will allow anything..."--Keenya

* I had to borrow this quote from one of my favorite blogs( she borrowed) it too... So I log on here for the 1st time in a week and some change and this is what I 1st see...wtf

& I keep questioning why words like these keep knocking me upside that head? Everyday or so something comes up that has to do with my relationship. It gets to the point where I'm like WTF is going on here? I'm SO fucking sick of this thing we got going on here. I feel like a broken record for Gods sake.

& I cant figure out why when it comes to him that I loose my balls. I keep myself in the situation. Seeing the other girls on a daily.Smiling in my damn face. My friends don't know how I do it. keeping it 100. Knowing what and who he's doing. Then I had the nerve to slip up and give in to my desire and give it to him.Afterwards feeling so disappointed in my self.I know damn well that the easy way out would not be to just up and walk away because that's hard as hell..BUT its been nine damn months...enough to cook a baby.