Washington DC


Hair Rambles.

I miss my hair!..such a fake ass grin. One of the lowest times of my life...But that grin I have....I am on a come UP.

I dont really like the texture of relaxed hair and I miss my color soo much it blows. Idk really why I relaxed my hair. I just knew that the hot comb and I werent getting along too well like we used to..my hair needed a heat break not a relaxer. Ugh. silly me. I wanted to know what it was like though.

Ive done my research over the past year or so and Im starting to understand my hair a bit more. As a natural, I wasnt really taking care of my hair. OMG have I grown.

On another note.. I just got hip to thee fact that the change in harmone levels due to birth control can cause hair breakage /shedding...WTF... I started the pill to help clear up my acne and it does its job but damn... thats so not right. I picked up some garlic shampoo and some garlic pills/tablets to help combat it...who knows.I hope it does the trick!

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