Washington DC


Haha B!tch.

When I finished my letter to my Ex. I realized that this was never intended for him. He did not need to even see this. The letter was for me to vent & let go. I felt so much better. I feel soo much better.


. Let me not be rude because no matter what. I am a respectful young lady.


I dont really give a damn. Through writing my thoughts and feeling down, I gained a better understanding as to why I was/am soo fixated on a nigga who brought me soo much pain. I rather not say why becuase that shyt is just too personal but in a nut shell, it was a depression/ self-esteem issue that spiraled out of control.
I have identified when & why I lost myself for a while
It seems as if it took him comming in & fucking up shyt..with my self-esteem plumiting..depression out of control.. for me to come out of it
Like on some real shit. I hit damn near rock bottom.
Not just over a nigga
But in general
There's a Smile on my face now!!!
Haha Bitch.lol

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