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Dreaming w/ a Broken heart prt3

Ms KittyKat & I need to just go.Detach.He say he cant give me wat I want.On the real.he dont want this nomore..Wishing the heart would just follow.♥

What I call a Real nigga: My irritated Rant TWO

What a fake ass man. I swear I have just about the perfect idea of what I DO NOT want in a man..uugh!. Woke up @ 6:20 am and I hear them two going at it. moms and stepfather. his latest thing:...

He feels disrespected beacuse my moms aint ask him if it was cool 2 have my mans/bestfriends boyfriend come and fix the sound on my Dell Desktop..WTF she gotta ask to do things in her own house.. just like when we 1st got here..we should asked him if it okay 2 have my father.. a licensed contractor to come and take the wall paper of the walls n my room.. WTF.. i understand that hey.. its ur wife's ex so u may be a lil uneasy but it aint got shyt to do with him. It was bout my father dong what I asked him 2 do..making my room like MINE.Im sorry but I cant put up with a man in his 50's wit his childish bull shyt.. talkin bout.aint no otha man gonna come up in my house doin shyt..nigga u cant do the fuckin work..so let the shyt be.. its free..& U AINT GONNA PAY TO DO IT WIT YOUR BROKE ASS..It took bout a year and some change to get the wallpaper in my rooom off and paint my walls.. my borders have yet to be put back because he dont want him in here.. & about the computer.. he say she shouldve asked and if so it shouldnt have been done in my room... dummy its a desktop.. where the fck is it gonna go if you need the Internet connection which is in my room.. and it wasnt like we were alone..lmao..my best friend/his girlfriend..was there...gauhh..

Then he went on to say a bunch of otha shyt like u aint been married & u aint been wit no otha man like him...UMM..disrespectful ass bitch.. my mother and father were married for 11 years.. & you know wat. on the real.. they are alike in so many ways its funni.. but there is this one thing.. my step father is one of thee most self centered arrogant niggas Ive ever met.


Dreaming With a Broken Heart

9 long ass months that I put up with ur shyt.

For 8 long ass months I gave myself to you.

7 long ass months I put up with your bullshyt & lies. I LET you get away with lies..& in someways cheating..and all for what?

Im sooo in LOVE...so DEEP IN LOVE

with a man who cant give me what I need because of the shyt going on in his life.

I understand..best believe I DO.

but Damn.. this rollercoaster ride is making me sick.

?So Im supposed 2 wait for you?

We parted with the intensions of getting back together..WTF

So I am supposed to wear my heart on my sleeve waitng for the day that you will come back for it.

I aint too sure i can do that.

Trying to seperate the bestfriend from the girlfriend is bullshyt.


When our lights don't glow the same way that they used to , And you finally get a moment to yourself , will you realize i was everything you're missing , when i tell you I'm in love with someone else , So can you do me a favor? , ...If you pull it together , Make it sooner than later , I wont be here forever , And ill realize I waited too long , So I'm goin move on.
IDK..its how I feel on the low..but then again..I could never leave you..WTF

the end..of the wash n go

Lol..you had 2 show you..my anti heat challenge


What I call a Real nigga: My irritated Rant ONE

Im irritated as fck right about now..Let me start off by saying that Im usually not one to let others or the happenings in my life bother me too much.. but hey..its gonna happen. Aint NOBODY that strong..fake if u want boo.
My step father is a asshole and a poor excuse for a man if you ask me. Dont care if you didnt ask cause he just is. He let my mother take the fall for THEIR financial problems like a bitch. & might i add.. you know how in society the man is the one hustling for his family, makin thing happen.. haha that aint him in the slightest sense. He talkin bout.. he dont wana work so much..Im like nigga u gotta mortgage, two cars and two kids that you gotta pay child support for!.. Fck u mean you dont wanna work. His 9-5 brings in half of what my moms does and he talkin bout he dont wanna work extra anymore..but dont wanna let his car go..mind u that he aint get till bout a year after they got married & bought this house. And I know you thinking..Queen..he's a working man he wants wat he wants & he should have it...HAHA..you lied. The man damn near 50 sumthin just started workin maybe 8 yrs ago due to a long life of*****. Then he got the nerve, tellin my mother that she is hampering me in the long run cuz she doesnt make me do things like wash dishes.WTF..wow as if washing the dishes is gonna turn me into a lady. He dont do shit and he talking bout dishes He has ALOT to say bout parenting when has not been one to all 3 of his children..& the way he tlks to her.. like he knows sumthin..I just leave the room before I kirk ff on him. He dont do shit around here but cut grass and stay in the basement leaving his clothes everywhere and watching tv.


I am in SERIOUS need of a JOB..this is past ridiculous

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Love you I do

I thought it was just one & two
me & you
but the whole time I wasn't enough for you
the love I gave wasn't enough to stay true
**ATTENTION**...Not my work..it belongs to her>>> Click HERE ..The words sum up my feelings..there are from her August 8th post .Tymon.


As Promised

SOO.. Like I सैद in the post before. Ive been BS'ing when it came to my blog. & for those who care, I haven't been keeping it real. Lately its just been about beauty & fashion finds. That's all good but that's all superficial...and that IAM far from.
HMM where to begin.. Oh I was stressing like crazy the last two weeks because I didn't know where I would be going to skool. Where I had been attending is private and wouldn't let me start unless I was caught up on tuition. I'm thinking ookay i get that but this supposed christian institution is gonna have me miss my 1st week of school over $$.. I understand they need it..shyt they wouldve gotten it sooner if we had i but that wasn't the case. I know you saying...just go to another skool.. UMM HELL NO! Not after Ive busted my ass for so long to keep up my grades. What I look like going to some transferring to so other place that is clearly not nowhere as good as where I was... in the end..my family heard bout it and they came together to put me back in skool. THANK YOU JESUS and I mean it!! You probably thinking that there are far worst things that are going on w/ people and I'm tripping about that, but if you really understood me and the nature of the situation.. you would get.. but WTF..I don't really care.
& the fact that I have been jobless for about a yr and a half is driving me insane. Ive put in soooo many applications that it is ridiculous. I'm just looking for something in retail that i could go to after skool and weekends. I didn't think that it would be that hard to get a job in retail. One lady in a store told me that I didn't past the test(the annoying 45-60 questions at the end0.. because I may have answered them inconsistently. I'm thinking to myself..are you kidding?..maybe its just me but I'm not one the feel one exact way about one thing. I'm not ALL over the place but I feel many ways about some things. I cant just say.."Oh I'm this or that.I feel like.blah blah'.. if Ive never been in that situation . And really. I'm not knocking anyone in retail.. hey the job needs to be done to do it..but is all of that really all that necessary???
The rest are just personal stuff really. Mostly having to do w/ relationship w/ my dude or just me and relearning myself.but right now.. idk.. I get into that later...soo im done wrappin


NK Nails: Cotton Candy

Yep!.. its what you think it is. It's the NK nail enamel swatches. Its the pinkish color..Cotton Candy.

& yes..its alittle messy but hey.. as soon as you wash your hands..it will come off the sides and look HAWT!!

Click Here to see original post with the polish!!

Catch Him in a Lie: 10 things you dont know about liars

1. Their Legs Say a Lot
If a guy wraps his legs around the legs of a chair or stool, it's an indication that he's purposefully holding something back — like the truth.

2. They'll Give You Pause

Ask a simple, straightforward question — say, "Where were you last night?" or even "Are you cheating on me?" If there's a long pause or he repeats the question before answering, that's trouble.

3. Their Thumbs Betray Discomfort
If he's standing with his entire hand in his pockets — in other words, his thumbs are in, not out — he's feeling nervous. It's up to you to figure out why.

4. They Can't Lie in Reverse
If someone is telling a story you find fishy, ask questions that force him to relate events in a different order. While a person who's concocted a false story can tell it in a,b,c,d order, he'll often find it almost impossible to tell it in d,c,b,a order.

5. They'll Shrug at Odd Times
If he's saying something definitive — "I was with my buddies last night!" — while shrugging one or both shoulders, watch out. The movement indicates that he's subconsciously remaining uncommitted to what he's saying.

6. They Have Big Buts
Listen for phrases like this: "I know you'll think this is strange, but..." or "You're not going to believe this, but..." Chances are, whatever comes next is a lie.

7. Their Tongues Don't Lie
If you ask someone a question and he momentarily flicks out his tongue or licks his lips before answering, he believes he's about to get away with something.

8. They'll Hold Your Gaze
Sometimes a liar is so intent on proving his sincerity he'll stare into your eyes for an uncomfortably long time, trying to prove to you that he has nothing to hide.

9. They Can't Adapt
Just as a liar is unable to reverse the order of events in a falsehood, he also has trouble adjusting when one component is disproven. So if you're able to irrefutably call him out on one facet of a lie and he still refuses to change his story, you can be pretty sure that the rest is B.S. too.

10. They'll Give You a Hand
A liar doesn't want you to examine what he says too closely. And so he'll often unconsciously bring a hand to his face — to scratch a nose, or rub an eye, or stroke a chin — in an attempt to "block" the words as they're coming out of his mouth.

Source: Body-language expert Janine Driver

What do you think.. ladies?..guys?