Washington DC


Dumb B***h

There are just some dumb ass girls out there I swear.


If you get offended easily go to the right side of the screen and click the button with an "X".
I am not one to bang on young women, talking about them any ole' kind of way because I am one indeed.

That in no way shape or form stops me from calling out a few weak dumb ones when I feel the need.


Now I know you are saying

"Queen, shouldn't you be uplifting when it comes to those dumb girls?"

The answer is NO because I'm talking about those bitches that seem to have nothing better to do with their lives than to sit around and have code red meeting groups about random fuckery..

I know 99.9% of girls talk shit.. but I hate..pause that's too strong...I cant stand overly opinionated bitches that dont do shyt.
Like ummm. Where thee fuck do you get off talking about somebody or something when you don't do shit yourself?

Go get a life!

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