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Scratch List.?!.

Lacy Monroe.

I'd say about January, I made a list.
The list was comprised of some things that I wanted to accomplish by the end of 2010.

Some spiritual.

Some materialistic.

Some sexual.

Some of everything.

So far, Ive moved pretty far & quick down my list.

I made a note to:

Let only what you can control be on the list.

For you shall except the things you can not change.

Place them in God's hands.

I long ago learned that..things and money can only bring temporary happiness. I was reminded of this principle after I checked off each accomplishment. It would bring me joy only for a while..then I was back feeling like I was stuck and not going anywhere.
I like my little list and it brings me some comfort to know that I'm moving forward but I'm wondering..where does it end?


Fashion Rehab said...

Sometimes a list can help, especially when it feels like time is standing still, or one is in need of a chaned. :), nice post.

Lacy Monroe said...


Kade's Mode'zei said...

I feel the same, but I then find something to inspire me.

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