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Mini Beauty Haul: HairCare

100th Post! YaY!

So Ive been going through with this hair of mine.lls.For the last few months my hair has been sheeding and breaking like hell (yes I know the diference). OMG. Like WTF. not cool. So I remembered that Garlic does help with shedding so I picked up some Queen Heleen Garlic Shampoo to test it out. They had the conditioner too but Im so indecisive so I just left it there.

I also picked up some TRESemme' heat protectant spray. I heard about it before but never really looked into to getting it. I figured why not? When you use any kind of heat on your head you need to use a protectant. I use the Chi Silk infusion already. Im not sure if it doubles s a protectant but whatever...Im steppng my game up.

& last but not least.. This was a random try. I know my hair loves/ feels at best with moisture rather than protien so Iam always on a look out for somwthing better than before. I LOVE LOVE Cream of Nature Products. My hair is the softest thing ever with it. I have been using that since the womb! But I decided to try the Aussie Moist conditioner. IDK about this one yet.I'll have to let you know.

The next few Post will most likely be on hair & shopping! I am comming back into myself and I gotta do it my way....sooo (more on that in a few.lol)

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