Washington DC


Under Massive Attack.

Ever feel like your Character was under Attack??
Like people have to find a reason to dislike you??
Reasons that are minimum.
Reasons that they can't really explain.
This is how my 2011 has started off.
What do I do?
my usual..I shut down
Human Hibernation
Disable my Facebook.Delete Twitter App
Write in my journal More.
Sometimes I feel its wrong
Like Im allowing people to get me out of character.
To fuck with Lacy.
IDK at this moment


Janet Collection Ripple Deep-Prt 2

What do you think ??
Any Questions??

Janet Collection Ripple Deep- Prt 1

2 packs-1b-10in & 12in

Dont judge my braids.. they get thee job done lol

Hot Oil Treatment: Coconut & Olive oil

Pick oil of your choice
Mix oil in an apllicator bottle
Place bottle in a sauce pan of boiling water

Saturate Scalp & Hair with the hot oil

Plastic Conditioning Cap & sit under thee Dryer for 10-15 min

Cold Outside?
Dry Hair?
Hot Oil Treatments are the Answer!!


Soo stupid.

"If a girl is stupid enough to love you after you broke her heart, played with her time after time ,I guarantee you, she is the one."