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So I'm guessing this is why I have not been able to blog....SCHOOL..you gotta love it!
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Randimosity Thursday.

.. have you ever wonderd something random...? Or had the most random thought.. that's my life.lol & since I refuse to get and keep up with a twitter yet.. ill jus share them with u guys!

Thinking..... I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most beautiful chocolate men on the planet... We are cool but I feel the need to inform him of his greatness!.. Id like to tell him how gorgeous yes... I said gorgeous..he is...

I just like to look @ him and dream of the day ill become his African Queen.

That If I was an easy whore...Id find ways to get him back to my dorm & umm hmmm... you know the rest.
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Some Stuff you Just Dont Do #1

Some Shyt....You Just dont do
Uncle Sam called & He said he wasnts his stuff back..


Fuck this shyt.

I let you irritate the fck out of me.
I see you and my stomach drops.
All is fine & dandy until I come across you.

So I ask myself....

Am I really over it like I thought?
See the problem is.. when you are trying to seperate yourself from someone,
you're supossed to disconnect yourself, remove yourself from the situation,

Problem is....

We have been and still continue to walk on the same path of life, which makes it hard.
I want SOOO bad to be over with this shyt... like its old..DEAD & GONE..broken record.

What am I supposed to do like..uhh!