Washington DC


Haha B!tch.

When I finished my letter to my Ex. I realized that this was never intended for him. He did not need to even see this. The letter was for me to vent & let go. I felt so much better. I feel soo much better.


. Let me not be rude because no matter what. I am a respectful young lady.


I dont really give a damn. Through writing my thoughts and feeling down, I gained a better understanding as to why I was/am soo fixated on a nigga who brought me soo much pain. I rather not say why becuase that shyt is just too personal but in a nut shell, it was a depression/ self-esteem issue that spiraled out of control.
I have identified when & why I lost myself for a while
It seems as if it took him comming in & fucking up shyt..with my self-esteem plumiting..depression out of control.. for me to come out of it
Like on some real shit. I hit damn near rock bottom.
Not just over a nigga
But in general
There's a Smile on my face now!!!
Haha Bitch.lol


This kinda pain is so unusual.

Iknow better than to run from how I Feel

It's not always about how I feel but what I deserve.



..Ugh I've been gone waayyy too long. On this college thing....VERY time consuming if I say so myself. I already had my phone stolen. Sticky fingerd motherfuckers. I gotta replacement though. I really dont know what else to say. I dont want to neglect my blog in this way anymore but I wonder if people are even reading this?? HELLO OUT THERE!!

I guess I gotta get into the mood to write again. Im in the process of writing a letter that for that old someone( read the relationships label if you dont know what the hell im talkin about). IDK if Im actually going to give it to him yet. Im not sure if Im going to put it on here either, Unless your interested.I feel like its part of this lonnng ass process of growth.

For those of you that actually read my Blog, comment and let me know that you do. Let me know what you want to see more of or something you want me to touch on.