Washington DC



When I close my eyes, the darkness gives weight to the light.

A paradox of a distorted reality shines through.

The obtuse line between reality and pretend begin to blur and memories bleed from the conscious.

As I open my eyes,I snap back to "reality", wishing it was neither here nor there.
Beyond the light into the permanent


So Im wondering who IAM and where IM going..
Dont want to stay here... anywhere but here.
If I go there will I find myself there?..will I like what I see?
If I stay here..can I handle what I see?
I cant answer these question because I dont even know who IAM..
But I know what I see

OR do i just not like who I am here..
So I think that if I go there.. what I see will be ME?

Is what I see really who IAM?.. You tell me.
Is who I really AM..what I see?.. You tell me.

On second thought..never mind beacuse who we see are two different people.
So I guses you cant help me and your opinion doesnt really matter.
Beacuse I know who IAM and I like what I see.
Dont want to be here.. anywhere but here.
But if I go there will I like the me I see?
Will it really be me?
Or jus some slap-dash representation of me?

The Makeda I SEE is who I want to be.
Is the Makeda you see a true representation of she?
Do you know who you are and where you are going?
Is the you..YOU SEE..who YOU want to be?