Washington DC


Janet Collection Ripple Deep prt. 3

Let me start by saying that as everybody does...I LOVED the hair when I installed it.

It did well the first week and all of that, just like any install.(kept in for 1month exactly)

  • It is VERY VERY soft.

  • NOT as flowy as I thought it to be.

  • Shed like a BITCH!!!- more than it should-sorry!!


  • Flatiron & curled well

***** On thee other hand.. I beleve I bought a bad batch******

OR let me rephrase that.. I have recieved Bobbi Boss Indi Remy Natural Yaki & the Janet Collection hair from the same vendor & I have had not soo good experiences with BOTH. I am not sure If the hair was old & had been sitting in a wharehouse or what but it wasnt nice.

BUT I know for a fact that Bobbi Boss hair is not all its craked up to be. However, I will try the Janet Collection again but, I will just get it from my Local BSS

IF you have any other questions, Leave a comment or hit me on twitter!


I GET Lonely too.

Ever felt soo lonely in a room full of people & got a phone full of contacts & got endless bodies but the ONE you LOVE is too busy loving someone ELSE??



I gave it all to you because I thought we'd be forever inLove

That crazy no one can love me better Love.

Couldn't tell me nothing & you couldn't do no wrong.

If only I could have seen the Bullshyt all along.

Just a minute..

There's no way I could blame this all on you.

I stayed to play "good wife" but was really the "fool".

You see..when you came into my life

I was a hopeless little girl, who had everything in the world...

Still lost and unhappy

Depressesd and you found me...

The wholetime we both knew something wasnt right,

we continued to fight, for the idea of being inLove.

Stuck around long after it came crashing down,

scared the pain of being w/o you would hurt more than the pain of being w/ you...

If only I knew..

It was an accident...We

Never meant to say Ilove you...

Never meant to fall inLove...

Maybe I could have saved myself the heart ache..but Im two years too late.


InLove With the D**ck

TO Be inLOVE with the D**ck
Cant Stand That Ass!
Feling Like Such a whore aren't YOU?
That's College for that ASS!
Loving EVERY Minute of it while watching the ONE YOU LOVE replace YOU!