Washington DC


Dreaming With a Broken Heart

9 long ass months that I put up with ur shyt.

For 8 long ass months I gave myself to you.

7 long ass months I put up with your bullshyt & lies. I LET you get away with lies..& in someways cheating..and all for what?

Im sooo in LOVE...so DEEP IN LOVE

with a man who cant give me what I need because of the shyt going on in his life.

I understand..best believe I DO.

but Damn.. this rollercoaster ride is making me sick.

?So Im supposed 2 wait for you?

We parted with the intensions of getting back together..WTF

So I am supposed to wear my heart on my sleeve waitng for the day that you will come back for it.

I aint too sure i can do that.

Trying to seperate the bestfriend from the girlfriend is bullshyt.


When our lights don't glow the same way that they used to , And you finally get a moment to yourself , will you realize i was everything you're missing , when i tell you I'm in love with someone else , So can you do me a favor? , ...If you pull it together , Make it sooner than later , I wont be here forever , And ill realize I waited too long , So I'm goin move on.
IDK..its how I feel on the low..but then again..I could never leave you..WTF


Elise said...

Well.... the picture is beautiful ! Take care YOU

it'sok2bu*nique* said...


Anonymous said...

wow. i think i related to every single word of this!