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She got her Toes Done Up & her Fingernails Match

NK Nail Enamel
From left to Right:
  • Scarlet
  • Lime
  • Cotton Candy
  • Fiesta Red
  • Swan
  • Fuchia

You can fin these babies for a low as dollar from your local hood beauty supply store. Now I know what your thinking..Queen!..I dont want no cheap nail polish thats going to come out lookin like crap"..Its not. The NK brand is as good as the OPI and ORLY high end nail polish. And if your a nail person like me, you know that a bottle of OPI or ORLY can run you anywhere from $6-$9. In this f**ked economy, why not try to save. I was able to get 6 colors for $6 dollars and some change and not skimp on quality. They have vitamin E nail hardeners to strengthen nails. I love the way the colors glide on.What you see in the bottle is what you get on the nail. No gloppy finishes. They turn even the most worst and messy nail polisher into a Pro!

* I wil be posting designs and color swatches so you can really get the feel


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the best part about nailpolish is getting it for a dollar

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