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As Promised

SOO.. Like I सैद in the post before. Ive been BS'ing when it came to my blog. & for those who care, I haven't been keeping it real. Lately its just been about beauty & fashion finds. That's all good but that's all superficial...and that IAM far from.
HMM where to begin.. Oh I was stressing like crazy the last two weeks because I didn't know where I would be going to skool. Where I had been attending is private and wouldn't let me start unless I was caught up on tuition. I'm thinking ookay i get that but this supposed christian institution is gonna have me miss my 1st week of school over $$.. I understand they need it..shyt they wouldve gotten it sooner if we had i but that wasn't the case. I know you saying...just go to another skool.. UMM HELL NO! Not after Ive busted my ass for so long to keep up my grades. What I look like going to some transferring to so other place that is clearly not nowhere as good as where I was... in the end..my family heard bout it and they came together to put me back in skool. THANK YOU JESUS and I mean it!! You probably thinking that there are far worst things that are going on w/ people and I'm tripping about that, but if you really understood me and the nature of the situation.. you would get.. but WTF..I don't really care.
& the fact that I have been jobless for about a yr and a half is driving me insane. Ive put in soooo many applications that it is ridiculous. I'm just looking for something in retail that i could go to after skool and weekends. I didn't think that it would be that hard to get a job in retail. One lady in a store told me that I didn't past the test(the annoying 45-60 questions at the end0.. because I may have answered them inconsistently. I'm thinking to myself..are you kidding?..maybe its just me but I'm not one the feel one exact way about one thing. I'm not ALL over the place but I feel many ways about some things. I cant just say.."Oh I'm this or that.I feel like.blah blah'.. if Ive never been in that situation . And really. I'm not knocking anyone in retail.. hey the job needs to be done to do it..but is all of that really all that necessary???
The rest are just personal stuff really. Mostly having to do w/ relationship w/ my dude or just me and relearning myself.but right now.. idk.. I get into that later...soo im done wrappin

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