Washington DC


Cant Tie Me Down

Maybe its just me but Ive got a lil problem with this song.

(Verse 1)(Legacy)
Know we been together for a minute
But a, it's kinda been forever since we been in
The kinda situation not involving other women
And it's pretty obvious that you're kinda trippin, like
"Who the hell is this bitch lookin a hot mess
What you fell for this chick"
You know we got problems and you failed to fix it
I'm like, "you need to go somewhere else with this shit
Cuz I aint gon put up wit you
Talkin bout how she make you uncomfortable
I mean, shit I'm only 17
And um, a perfect couples only in a dream
And right now I'm pretty much away fo

(Verse 2)(Ben J)
Ha, Ha
aye girl waddup
No I'm not gon make a scene
Buh you cant tie me down like a pair of shoe strings
Yea you cute, so what
But let's get it through your head
Yea we make love, sex weed all in the bed
It's the best and I love her but things dont change
When I'm not faithful you be feelin ma pain
Now you stuck like a stain and I cant believe that
Baby girl one hundred,I aint tryna do that
Got too many girls and I aint letting go
Cuz my life is great and you aint nothin but a hoe
Yea you come to my shows and you very supportive
Just showed me a camera and my show recorded
It was nice, I'm surprised that you still standin here
As you know I'm a man and I have no feelings
Imma start from the top, girl this aint no lovin
Im a New Boy, girl so
r this relationship
I think we should wait for it
I mean later we can try things out
But not right now

Boy.. get the fck out of here with that. I understand they are young like around 17/18 years old but, Im SOOO tired of niggas. They want the girl-looks,emotional support,sex- but NO relationship..NO commitment..because he doesn't want to be tied down. Well maybe you need to be by yourself...then you wont have to worry.

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