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Janet Collection Ripple Deep prt. 3

Let me start by saying that as everybody does...I LOVED the hair when I installed it.

It did well the first week and all of that, just like any install.(kept in for 1month exactly)

  • It is VERY VERY soft.

  • NOT as flowy as I thought it to be.

  • Shed like a BITCH!!!- more than it should-sorry!!


  • Flatiron & curled well

***** On thee other hand.. I beleve I bought a bad batch******

OR let me rephrase that.. I have recieved Bobbi Boss Indi Remy Natural Yaki & the Janet Collection hair from the same vendor & I have had not soo good experiences with BOTH. I am not sure If the hair was old & had been sitting in a wharehouse or what but it wasnt nice.

BUT I know for a fact that Bobbi Boss hair is not all its craked up to be. However, I will try the Janet Collection again but, I will just get it from my Local BSS

IF you have any other questions, Leave a comment or hit me on twitter!

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