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I gave it all to you because I thought we'd be forever inLove

That crazy no one can love me better Love.

Couldn't tell me nothing & you couldn't do no wrong.

If only I could have seen the Bullshyt all along.

Just a minute..

There's no way I could blame this all on you.

I stayed to play "good wife" but was really the "fool".

You see..when you came into my life

I was a hopeless little girl, who had everything in the world...

Still lost and unhappy

Depressesd and you found me...

The wholetime we both knew something wasnt right,

we continued to fight, for the idea of being inLove.

Stuck around long after it came crashing down,

scared the pain of being w/o you would hurt more than the pain of being w/ you...

If only I knew..

It was an accident...We

Never meant to say Ilove you...

Never meant to fall inLove...

Maybe I could have saved myself the heart ache..but Im two years too late.

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ebony panther said...

Yup. That's life in general. With great risk comes great reward...or epic failure. People in life will let you down & betray you. Wear it like a suit of armor. It makes you stronger for the next time. On to the next one, sexy.