Washington DC


Dear Lord, ILuv that Man.

Dear Lord,

Forgive me but I love that man. He made me feel soooo good last night. Every kiss, twist and stroke...AHHH.Yes! I know it was wrong. I know we cant be. But my body loves that man.Every inch of me...Damn.




La~La such a fashionista said...

haha! i like this

La~La such a fashionista said...

thank you sooo much for the comment! it means so much to me to know that someone actually cares and that you know and experienced wat im going through. i decided to talk to my bestfriend about it and he gave me a little advice. I wish i got ur comment a little earlier on that day but i just read it today. I really needed someone to talk to. Any time you need someone to talk to im here ^_^. i really hope things are going well for you as well. Once again thank u soo much!