Washington DC


MY Lovelies!

Sooo.. Ive been away for a minute but now Im back with the JUMP OFF.. I ve just been so out of it busy lately but Im BACK ! YaY!

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with the blog..Cant You Tell.?lol

OHH and before I forget HEYY! ...my new followers!
I'm thinking I might do a make up give away when I reach the magic #(whatever that might be)
Anyways Ive got a lot to say. a lot on my mind.. & quiet frankly Im ready to release the shyt & get some feedback from you guys (I've got 2 come up w/ a name for my readers.hmm..any suggestions)
Damn I ramble.. Soo Ive got some stuff to get @ u..cant put it in this post because I keep rappin'..So ahh yea..sit back ur feed is about 2 be flooded with xXJadedxSoulXx

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