Washington DC



So Im wondering who IAM and where IM going..
Dont want to stay here... anywhere but here.
If I go there will I find myself there?..will I like what I see?
If I stay here..can I handle what I see?
I cant answer these question because I dont even know who IAM..
But I know what I see

OR do i just not like who I am here..
So I think that if I go there.. what I see will be ME?

Is what I see really who IAM?.. You tell me.
Is who I really AM..what I see?.. You tell me.

On second thought..never mind beacuse who we see are two different people.
So I guses you cant help me and your opinion doesnt really matter.
Beacuse I know who IAM and I like what I see.
Dont want to be here.. anywhere but here.
But if I go there will I like the me I see?
Will it really be me?
Or jus some slap-dash representation of me?

The Makeda I SEE is who I want to be.
Is the Makeda you see a true representation of she?
Do you know who you are and where you are going?
Is the you..YOU SEE..who YOU want to be?

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